Sunday, November 06, 2005

World Neighbors Hunger Banquet

Today we had our most productive YAC World Neighbors meeting. The teens from Casady and Heritage created a plan of action in two areas because we only had people interested in two committees. The attendance was low, but the enthusiasm was high.

1. Logistical details for the banquet
A Friday in April, at Quail Creek Golf and Country Club, 6-9 p.m. Capacity: 300 people from all ages and backgrounds. $10.00 per person. The cost is $25.00 per person. The difference will be donated. The donations committee has a lot of work to do. $15 per person and funding for supplies, invitations, celebration, etc. as well as money to support World Neighbors Programs.

2. Program for the Banquet

Time before welcoming the group

Greeters: Personal Welcome. Table assignment. By luck with delivery of WN profiles. We hope that profiles will not be duplicated at any table.

At assigned tables: Introduction of each other: Real and world profiles. Profiles should match status at tables (A: Upper Class B: Middle Class C: Poor)

Activity at the table while waiting for banquet to begin: Supplies at table: Crayolas and paper. Directions: Draw something that represents your personal understanding of global hunger. All drawings will be displayed on a Hall of global hunger awareness. Volunteeres could auction drawings at the end of the banquet to raise funding for the World Neighbors Program: Adopt a Village

There will be a celebrity (draws people to the banquet) and a youth member (explains the mission, vision and purpose of the banquet) as MC's.

Awareness Video of misssion, vision, and purpose of World Neighbors
We need a huge screen from Casady. World Neighbors will provide the rest of the equipment.

World Neighbors Awareness Game:

YAC members at each table explain game & dinner
We will use the game World Neighbors already has with some modifications

Dinner Time
We suggested 3 tables per country: One table with food available to the wealthy, one table with food available to the middle class, and one table with food available to the poor. Much research needs to be done is this area.

Meal Selection - World Proportions
Suggestions to the chefs preparing the food at Quail Creek given by WN experts.

The committe decided that music will be played by CD, professional and youth musicians.

The donations committee also developed a plan. I will ask a member of that committee to provide details for this blog.

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