Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Groups 3 & 4: Site Visit to Boys and Girls Club

After learning the mission, vision and purpose of the Club, touring the facility and hearing the needs and impact Boys and Girls Clubs have had on personalities like Collin Powell and Tiger Woods, Cyclones prepared presentations in three areas:

1. Facts and needs learned from the Club Director, Mr. A. J. Johnson.

2. Projects Cyclones could do to meet the needs of Boys and Girls Club and develop leadership skills through service. A few minutes were used to think about possible needed supplies.

3. Activities Cyclones could create for the teens and the little kids at Boys and Girls Club.

Cyclones presented their conclusions to Mr. Terrance Aguilar, Power Hour Coordinator at the Club. Mr. Aguilar congratulated the groups for their innovative ideas. He reminded Cyclones that the most important contribution they could make was being present in mind, body and spirit while interacting with the club's children and youth. Mr. Aguilar said, "Your individualized attention is what they need most."

Boys and Girls Club of America: http://www.bgca.org/

Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County: http://www.bgcokc.org/

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