Saturday, February 25, 2006

Taste of Japan: The Casady Surprise-Supplies-Fundraising

The Casady Surprise

a. Casady's Upper Division String Quartet: The quartet will play at the Taste of Japan Registration. They will be playing music composed by Japanese artists.

a. Japanese Fashion Show: Upper Division students. Sarah'07 (youth leader), Melanie'06, Deepika'08, (Happi Coat) Layne'12, (Samurai) Jerad'08 (Yakata) and more models to be found by Sarah'08 will provide a fashion show narrated by Jerad'08 and coordinated by Mrs. Yukiko Burnett.

b. Tanko Bushi: Middle School Dance prepared by Deepika'08, Mrs. Lynn Taylor and Tozan Yumi Yugiko.

c. Sakura and Fire Fly: Sixth Grade Chorus under the director of Casady's instructor Mr. Karl Hedlund and Tozan Yumi Yugiko: songs in Japanese.

Thank you Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Burnett, inspiring and providing the resources for Casady students to surprise our guests.

Workshop Supplies, supplies, supplies
1. Japanese Feudalism: The Samurai: Clothing supplies provided by Mrs. Mari Leslie, Nori-Japanese seaweed ($6.00) courtesy of Super Cao Nguyen Market. This workshop only needs handouts for participants.
2. Tanko Bushi Dance Class: Happi Coats supplies provided by Japan Foundation grant and designed by Middle School students with sewing services from Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Barker. This workshop has everything ready. Participant copies will be made the week of March 6.
3. Bonsai Demonstration: The Bonsai Society will provide all their supplies. Copies of participant handouts will be made on March 6. So far the second most popular workshop in pre-registration.
4. Ikebana Workshop: Supplies, courtesy of Japan Foundation grant, were pre-purchased on February 24. They will be picked-up by student helpers and deliver to the room on March 24, at 4:00. The supplies will stay in the room overnight.
5. Sushi Preparation Workshop: Supplies, courtesy of the Japan Foundation, were pre-bought from Super Cao Nguyen Market. The teacher will pick-them up Friday, February 24 in the morning.
6. Entertainment: Fashion Show: Clothing provided by Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Burnett
Fundraising at Casady during Activities
YAC member, Peter'08, Mrs. Yukiko Burnett and Mrs. Clay had a sampling test of Japanese sports drinks (Pocari Sweat) and sold Japanese candy to fundraise for Taste of Japan needs. No drinks were sold, but students slowly came to taste the Japanese sports drinks. Super Cao Nguyen Market donated the drinks for the tasting. $10 were raised in 20 minutes. The service-learning budget invested $180. We have not made any money yet.
Giant Poki and Panda snacks were sold for $1.00, Japanese chewing candy for $3.00, and the best seller; Hello Kitty gum for $.25
Guest Speakers
Mr. Charlie Britton will welcome the participants
We are working with the office of the Lt. Governor to have an inspirational speaker for the Taste of Japan.
Sushi Neko: $100 in $25.00 gift certificates, 2 caps and 2 t-shirts. They will be entered in the Silent Auction together with 20 Ikebana arrangenments.
Asia Society: Dr. Payma, President of the Asia Society pledged $50 for the Taste of Japan on behalf of his organization, pending its approval. He forgot to place the e-mail request by Mrs. Clay in a thank you e-mail sent to him after the last meeting.
Mrs. Kimie Warm: Donation of cost of supplies for the Mochi Breaks

OU Japanese Student Association Flight to Japan Event

Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Carmen Clay attended this year's Oklahoma University Japanese Day Event. The Japanese student Association took participants on an imaginary trip to Japan. The kimono fashion show was organized by Mrs. Yukiko Burnett, Taste of Japan's Ikebana instructor. Mrs. Clay was so impressed by the kimono fashion show that she asked Mrs. Burnett to consider allowing a few Casady students to model her kimonos at the beginning of the food sampling, as an opener to the entertainment and as part of the Casady surprise. Mrs. Burnett agreed and the Casady surprise now has a wider representation of the student body.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cooking and Singing Japanese Lessons

Mr. Hedlunk, Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Barker and the Spanish teacher from Milwood helped Mr. Hedlunk's six grade chorus class learn two Japanese songs. There is a strong possibility that the kids will be part of the Taste of Japan as a Casady surprise. We hope to have the approval of the Middle Division Head soon.

Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Barker made head bandanas for Mr. Headlunk's students because they were impressed by the quality of their singing.

The Casady kitchen received another cooking lesson. This time Mrs. Leslie brought a friend, Mrs. Barker. The ladies showed our chef, Mrs. Genie Thomas-Woodward how to make curry chicken Japanese style. Mrs. Leslie said that curry chicken is a favorite dish of Japanese students in Japan. Mrs. Thomas-Woodward will decide what dish she will use to help promote the Taste of Japan on Friday, March 24. Two weeks ago, Mrs. Leslie taught the kitchen staff how to make Yaki Soba Noodles. Mrs. Thomas-Woodward hopes that the taste Japanese dish will motivate some students to attend the Taste of Japan on Saturday, March 25. Thank you for your help Mrs. Thomas-Woodward. Posted by Picasa

Taste of Japan PR News: Invitations Out, Article in the Casady Courier

Invitations have been sent to : Casady Upper, Middle, Lower and Primary divisions parents and teachers, Heritage Hall Schools, Oklahoma City Schools through Learn and Serve, the A+ Schools network, Canterbury Independent Living, Boys and Girls Club at Memorial Park, World Neighbors, COVA (Central Oklahoma Volunteers Administrators).

Invitations will be sent today to Oklahoma City University, Saint Eugene, Christ the King schools, and McGuinness High school.

There is an article in the Casady magazine going out this week about my trip to Japan and part of the invitation information. The Casady PR department is going to send a press release to newspapers and they are going to place information on the website.

Radio and TV have not been contacted yet, but we will try the week of March 8.

We will purchase materials as soon as the grant money arrives and everything will be in place. This week, all teachers will receive a communication of the status of the Taste of Japan and several invitations to give to friends.

I hope all teachers can come to fix their rooms, make copies of their handouts and check the equipment they need on Friday, March 24.

Registration will be supervised by my YAC Adult Co-Chair: Roberta Roush. She will bring a group of kids to help. Yunko Tanaka and her OCU friends dressed in kimonos and happi coats will also help registration. Mrs. Roush will also make Taste of Japan buttons for all volunteers.

Many people say they will be coming, but not very busy with pre-registration yet!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Grant Agreement arrives, final preparations

We finally received a "several page" grant agreement from the Japan Foundation. It needed so many signatures, it took a couple of days to get everyone to "read it" and sign it. The agreement demands reporting, evaluation, and requirement of notification of any changes to the proposed budget. I will start creating a reporting system now. The grant agreement was sent via fax and snail mail, but we will have to wait several weeks to get the money officially. Meanwhile, copies of the flyer were distributed to Lower and Primary divisions as well as the Book Fair. Dr. Bonnie Gerard, Casady's Public Relations Director is handling advertising to the general public. Middle Division will get copies on Friday, February 17, 2006. Mr. Larry Bruce is taking care of the equipment needs and Mr. Randy Fresonky is overlooking room needs for the festival. Special thanks to Miss Elizabeth Larsen, Middle School Director, Mrs. Henrie Close, Primary Division Director, Mrs. Anne France, Lower Division Director, and Mr. Joseph Cernick, Upper Division Director for the opportunity to share the Taste of Japan with their student body, teachers, and parents.

Information was also sent to Heritage Hall School Lower Division with a substitute teacher who will be working at Heritage next week. Invitations will also be delivered to their Upper and Middle Division on Friday afternoon. The Learn and Serve Director, Kate Colllins also received all pertinent information for her data base of public schools in Oklahoma City.

After the weekly lesson of Tanko Bushi at the Upper Division, Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Clay concentrated the Taste of Japan efforts on purchasing materials and cutting 10 happi coats for the Tanko Bushi dancers. Mrs. Leslie volunteered to sew the happi coats this coming weekend.

Our Middle Division teacher, Carl Hedland, requested Mrs. Leslie to visit his 6th grade chorus class when he found out that she was a singer and a dancer. Mrs. Leslie brought the song Sakura, Sakura to teach his students. The young Cyclones learned the song quickly. Mrs. Leslie requested Mr. Hedland to consider having his students participate in the grand finale at Calvert as part of the Casady surprise. Mr. Hedland will consult with our Middle Division principal, Miss Elizabeth Larsen, before he responds to Mrs. Leslie's request next Wednesday.

We received the first 4 reservations for the festival. We hope the pre-registration will continue this month.

Regarding donations, we received rejections from Bob Moore, Mazda and the Japanese restaurants are still not responding. We heard from Sushi Neko on Friday, they will donate a gift certificate and some memorabilia.

I requested re-allocation of funds from budgets when cheaper prices are found. The Japan Foundation representative, Hyon, approved my request via phone with the condition that an explanation is given but she warned me that their funding should not be used to purchase meals.

On Thursday afternoon, Justin'07, youth leader of the Karate Taste of Japan workshop arranged a meeting with his sensie, Mr. Tomio Okura, to develop their workshop process, visit the site of the workshop, and request needed supplies and equipment. Justin'07 and his volunteers, Yunwoo'07, Courtney'08, and Kastan'09 practiced from 3:30 - 6:00 p.m. They demonstrated their learning to a few members of the Special Care site visit. We are looking forward to their Karate workshop.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ye-Geun fundraises and improves MC's PowerPoint

The MC's PowerPoint has been a joined effort from adults, Carmen Clay, Dr. Tom Warm, Etsuko Blackburn and our great Tulsa consultant Yukiko Yokono. Every suggestion improved the PowerPoint which will be used by Jared'08 to welcome and guide the Taste of Japan participants through registration, entertaiment, workshops and grand finale. Ye-Geun'08 added the youth touches to the Power Point and signed her name, as the official youth chair for the Taste of Japan, to the invitations going to the Oklahoma Community.

Etsuko Blackburn and her son were also very busy making changes on the flyer and program. We are greatful for the wonderful products they are producing. The invitation, program, flyer, and PowerPoints will be records of the great group effort it took to create the Taste of Japan.

At Sushi Neko, Ye-Geun received the commitment of some kind of donation to the Taste of Japan, not really sure in what form yet. We need to wait until Wednesday. We are also waiting for a possible donation from Bob Moore Mazda. Other Japanese restaurants and organizations contacted have not responded. We will follow-up next week.

Ye-Geun also requested donations from Chinese restaurants for her WN Hunger Banquet Project. She received a donation from Hunan's and she will follow-up with Grand House, Lido, House of Asia, and Snow Pea. She will also contact other Asian restaurants.

Ye-Geun attended the first JASO meeting of the year. She helped report the Taste of Japan progress to its officers. We did not really get any news about the pending activities for JASO this year except that they are looking for members and helping organize the Taste of Asia. The purpose of the meeting was more a social gathering than a meeting with a set agenda. It was a little dissapointing, but we will see what JASO's next meeting will bring.

Ye-Geun also started to brainstorm the Taste of Japan press release and will see Mr. Ba Luong next week to finalze his possible donation to Taste of Japan. Great job, Ye-Geun!

Friday, February 10, 2006

A busy week for Taste of Japan volunteers

Another busy week for the Taste of Japan. Invitations were designed by Mrs. Roberta Roush. I typed them and Mrs. Mari Leslie, Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn and Mrs. Yoshiko Boone placed them on the comments envelopes to Upper Division parents. I cannot believe we made it!

On Thursday, I placed invitations to all Upper Division teachers. When I receive the updated flyers, I will make 400 copies for the Lower and Primary division. The Middle division will send information to parents with their next report cards.

Our kitchen learned how to do Yaki Soba Noodles from Mrs. Mari Lesli. It was delicious. Our chef, Mrs. Geni Thomas-Woodward is thinking about preparing them in mass for multicultural week and to help advertise the Taste of Japan the week of March 25.

Mrs. Lesli also brought as many happi coats as she owns to have all volunteers dressed in happi coats. I know the Okii Taiko people will be, but I need to find more for my youth volunteers. I will check with Dr. Warm's wife, Kimie, and Mrs. Yukiko Burnett who teaches dancing at OU. I hope to find happi coats for everyone. Mrs. Leslie is making happi coats for the Tanko Bushi dancers. We hope to cut material the week after next, when I expect the money from the Japan Foundation to be at Casady. The picture here is of the Karate workshop volunteers.

I contracted food for the cost of the entrance ticket with Sumo Japanese Restaurant. Only Sushiniko is called back wanting to help. I called Bob Moore Mazda, but the manager told me to call back. As of today we only have $5,320. If I provide all budgets requested, we need 5,630. Well, we will have to cut expenses and ask for donations for the cost of supplies. We also have to make the volunteers pay for their dinner. We do not have money for that. I feel very bad about it. Maybe from now until them the situation will change, but I do not think so.

Mrs. Roberta Roush has suggested to make botons for the volunteers. We can use the Casady machine in the Art room. We can make them with their name picture and name of the workshop they will be helping with.

Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn had a great idea for people who have time after the break and are waiting for workshops or do not have a workshop to go to until the grand finale. We will be showing Kabuki movies in fee.

I will follow-up restaurants and Super Cao today. Next week I will send invitations to A+ Schools, Heritage Hall, Learn and Serve (will send invitations via e-mail to all schools in their data base), YLX, Leadership Oklahoma City, YAR, the Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club, Canterbury, and other organizations serving elderly and children around our area. I will also e-mail invitations to all the volunteers.

The MC will create a PowerPoint presentation next week and as soon as we receive the money we will start buying supplies. I will also take care of set-up and equipment next week. Since we do not have money, we will have to do all the set-up and clean-up ourselves.

Unexpected outcome: The Lower Division already knows a song in Japanese, they might be singing at the Nihon No Ajiwai.

The flyer should be ready this coming week, the program will have to keep having updates so all the preparation will be done by the end of the week next week. Then all we can do is wait for reservations.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tanko Bushi Lessons Ongoing

Thank you Mrs. Mari Leslie (Tozan Yumi Yogiku) for coming on Wednesdays to teach Tanko Bushi, Coal Miners Dance, to our Upper and Middle Division interested youth and adults. Arigato! also for agreeing to sew the dancers' happi coats and transfer the Casady logos furnished by Dr. Tom Warm.

Many thanks for going with Carmen Clay to request funding and food donations for the Nihon No Ajiwai and agreeing to teach Japanese cooking to our Casady chefs next Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

YAC meeting Tuesday, January 31: Fundraising ideas for Taste of Japan

YAC members reflected on their mission, the results of the service-learning orientation, and discussed and signed-up to volunteer at the Taste of Japan.

15 members attended. YAC welcomed a new addition, Clark'08 recruited by Shawn'08 to volunteer at the Aikido workshop.

Regarding funding for this project, Mrs. Clay will continue efforts to find donations to provide a Japanese food sampling during the Taste of Japan and find funding for future outreach workshops and YAC activities. Leann'08 suggested a carwash. Clark'08 suggested selling cookies. Both possibilities will be explored if Ye-geun'06, YAC senior chair, does not receive donations this weekend and Mrs. Clay's efforts with Japanese businesses in Oklahoma City do not provide more funding. We have raised $200 so far. Melanie'06, a member of YAR, suggested exploring a partnership with YAR, or writing a grant for outreach workshops afterwards. She will look into that. We also have the possibility of writing a grant to get funding for outreach workshops from Learn and Serve. We will discuss who will write those grants at next week's meeting. Grape juice and brownies were served during the meeting courtesy of the Service-Learning Program.

Nihon No Ajiwai Meeting: Goal, Process, Budget, and Workshop needs

January 30: A busy Nihon No Ajiwai Day at Casady School

Ms. Etsuko Blackburn arrived to make copies for her workshop . She also provided costs for her help with the brochure. She requested consideration of compensation for her son's work with the brochure and program. She suggested $200-300 of the percentage raised from the sale of her work at the Taste of Japan. Her suggestions will be revised by the business and development office this week.

11:30- 2:00 Dr. Jessica Stowell, and Miss Yukiko Yokono, from the Center of East Asia Studies from Tulsa, Japan Foundation consultants for the Nihon No Ajiwai, came to check facilities and progress of the Taste of Japan. Yukiko was driven from Tulsa by Mrs. Yumie Farringer, President of the Association of Friends of Japan in Tulsa. Mrs. Farringer and Miss Yokono will be the instructors of the Tea Ceremony. Funding for their transportation expenses is expected from the Japan Foundation grant when it is released to us.
Dr. Stowell came to meet with our headmaster regarding possibilities of inclusion of the Chinese language in our curriculum. Mrs. Chang, organizer of the Chinese school in Norman came to observed the Taste of Japan meeting invited by the President of the Chinese Association of Oklahoma City. Both ladies came to learn about the organization of Taste of Japan, exploring possibilities of a Taste of China at Casady School next year. They also had a brief meeting with the Casady Foreign Language Chair, Mr. Gill.

2:30 p.m. The Taste of Japan instructors received the "in progress" flyer and program as well as information on the Casady Service-Learning Program. Mrs. Kate Collins, Director of Learn and Serve, Regional Service-Learning Center at Camp Fire USA explained Service-Learning and told the instructors that her Center will send information about the Taste of Japan to all the schools in her database. Mrs. Collins also talked to Ms. Blackburn regarding the Empty Bowls Banquet and possibilities for her to sell her pottery at that venue. Learn and Serve has a possibility of grant funding for outreach YAC workshops after the festival
Special thanks to the Casady Admission Office for the cookies, YAC Service-Learning for the grape juice and Mrs. Mari Leslie for the hot green tea, candy, and enamami snacks.

2:30-3:30: The Nihon No Ajiwai teachers met some of their youth helpers and wrote their workshops' goals, process, special room needs, supplies and budget. The youth helpers introduced themselves by explaining their commitment to the Nihon No Ajiwai.
Mrs. Clay thanked the instructors and helpers and told them that the current financial situation does not permit payment of the food sampling. She will continue to look for funding, but volunteers need to be prepared to pay for their food because the youth advisory council wants to encourage youth participation and they have advised to leave the cost of the tickets to $5:00 for workshops and food. The instructors then took a tour of the McClendon Building and chose the room that best suited their needs.

4:00-7:00: Dr. Tom Warm, his wife, Kimie, Mrs. Tomoko Craig, Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Clay had dinner at the Sumo restaurant. As a consequence, the Taste of Japan has a bid of $5 bento with goyza, chicken terriyaki, fried rice, California rolls, and free hot green tea. The restaurant will provide chopsticks and cups for the tea. The food will be served by Japanese International students from Oklahoma City University. The food will be delivered in individualized servings on to go containers.

All the information gathered at the Taste of Japan meeting will be sent to the Japan Foundation to finalize their requirements for the grant money to be released to Casady School .

On Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Leslie and Mrs. Clay will petition donations from Japanese car dealerships and Japanese restaurants. Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn will accompany Mrs. Clay on Thursday to business and organizations with the same purpose. Ye-Geun'06, Casady YAC youth chair, will solicit on Saturday.

The Youth as Resources organization is interested in a partnership. Mrs. Clay will meet with members of that organization and the Casady Development Director, Mr. Chris Mauldin, to explore possibilities.

The goal this week is to finish preparations and donations and move on to advertising and pre-registration, Japan Foundation grant funding provided.

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