Thursday, November 03, 2005

National Association of Japan American Societies

I contacted the National Association of Japan American Societies: I hope I will hear from them soon regarding resources and possible funding links for my Follow-On project needs.

Mari, the president of the Oklahoma Japan-American Society has been my teacher for a couple of days. I have tasted wonderful foods, learned Japanese frases and numbers. She has shared her gift of dance and music with me. I have tried a Kimono. Mari has made me wonder, Are all Japanese people as generous and kind as she is?

I am very nervous about raw fish. I tasted once at a Japanese party at the University of Oklahoma. I did not care for it very much. Mari suggested to relate that fact to my host family after I arrive to their home. It is an expensive delicacy and I must be very careful about my manners regarding food.

I do not know how Mari has time to cook so many beautiful dishes. I am very grateful for her mentorship and patience. I have liked everything she has cooked, but she has been mixing sauces and flavors for me. I wonder how my experience in Japan will differ.

Mari served sake with the meal. The only thing I can related to is a softer Pisco, the native drink from Peru, but warm. Mari served an assortment of salads and relishes. The salads, even with seaweed are delicious if you add the right sauce. I wish I could take Mari in my suitcase. I liked her shumai, salmon, and sweet myoga very much. Mari is a culinary artist as well as a wonderful dancer and artist. Thank you, Mari once more.

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