Friday, November 04, 2005

Ongoing Preparations for the trip to Japan
The following e-mail from Toby, a FMFer in the November group, reminded me my difficulties with dehydration after a recent trip to Italy. I share his e-mail to give a way to solve the problem of jet-lag.

'Our Japan trip represents the most grueling body clock time zone upheaval in modern travel. Some of us will be more sensitive to jet lag than others. The three step Jet Lag program was developed at the Argonne National Laboratory. I've used it with good results since 1983 on flights to Nairobi, Fiji, London, Tahiti, and on shorter flights.

The program begins 3 days prior to departure, which allows a small window to purchase the book and benefit form it's exhaustive research. As a science teacher I might mention that the book cited below is consistent with reliable scientific methods. Overcoming Jet Lagby: Charles F. Ehret, Lynne Waller Scanlon. If it is not available at your local book store I have checked this evening and found it available at where the average rating is 5 stars (another recommendation of sorts). At the very least, its use will provide an excellent lab setting for us to compare notes. I'm looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco. "
Toby Manzanares, Long Beach, California

I hope I can get the book in time, if not: Some sites I found regarding jet lag:

Jet Lag: .

So far the best advise,, sleep well, eat right, drink plenty of fluids.

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