Tuesday, November 15, 2005

4 days before San Francisco/Tokyo/Yanagawa Bound

Follow-On Project http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/participant-data-05/FO_plan_kit_0511.doc

1. A plan for sharing information, impressions and knowledge gained during the JFMF Teacher Program in your classroom, school and community.

2. A copy of your completed Preliminary Follow-on plan. Submitted during registration to the pre-departure orientation on November 20, 2005.

3. A copy of your completed Follow-on plan after the 3-week stay

Looking back at my first proposal:

I wanted to create weekend retreat just for Casady students when I applied to the Japanese Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.

After meeting the Japan-America Society President and having three immersion 4-hour sessions based on culinary arts, dancing and exposure to Taiko drumming, I have changed my mind. I want to reach greater number of Oklahomans and share my encounter with this wonderful culture. It can be done even without steping away from Oklahoma.

Now my idea is a huge Arts Empowered Japanese Immersion Festival. I am writing a grant to fund it. I will also request help from Japanese restaurants and Asian businesses.

I a Japanese Festival called "Homaturi. " I met several delightful Japanese International students who are willing to help. One of them, Hirosue Shibuki e-mailed me already. Their attitude and willigness to help encouraged my idea of a huge festival at Casady.

The Arts Empowered Japanese Festival will be followed by "Taste of Japan" or "Windows to Creativity: Japanese Culture Celebration" worshops. My students will enhanced what they learned at the main festival under the guidance of volunteer JASO members and create engaging workshops to share their knowledge, in an interactive way, with children and elderly Oklahomans.

I wonder how much my Follow-On will change after my experience in Tokyo and Yanagawa.

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