Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Disaster Spiritual Relief,lending hearts in OKC and online

1. Buddha Mind Monastery http://ctbuddhamind.org/, buddhamind@mail.ctcm.org.tw
The Sutras said: “All the world is impermanent. The earth is fragile and perilous." We are very sorry that a devastating tsunami swamped Japan after one of the largest earthquakes on record, killing more than a thousand people while many more are still missing.
As we know, the core value of Buddhism is compassion and equanimity. To practice the bodhisattva way means that we act with a compassionate mind in every situation to benefit all sentient beings. We will chant the Sutra of Impermanence, followed by a memorial service to dedicate merits to all the people who have suffered from this tsunami disaster
2. Baptist Temple, contact Keiko sugiura@ncninstitute.net;

3. Windsong Dojo Sangha: Contact Dylan Walling dylanwalling@gmail.com from Teavana. Maurice from Dojo Sangha would happy to help in any way. He is in touch with many Buddhist Sanghas and temples throughout the area.

4. Soka Gakkai International - USA / Oklahoma: Contact: Dee Freeland, dianna.freeland@gmx.ch

5. Shinnyo-en Foundation:  http://www.shinnyoen.org 

6. Inspirational quote
When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something's suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.

–Barbara Bloom, photographer, designer, artist

Japan Relief Around Oklahoma City and Casady

Casady students Sarah C. and Melissa D. were Wings of Rotary fellows to Sendai, Japan.  Sarah is attending Tulane Univeristy.  Melissa starts a Bake Sale-4-Japan today. Michelle R., Keiko Shaffer's daughter, a JASO family, will help Melissa's efforts by having a chapel announcement and bringing a box for Japan relief next Thursday.

"My name is Michelle, and I was asked by Carmen Clay to speak to Casady School about the recent tragedies in Japan on behalf of the Japan America Society of Oklahoma. I will be giving a two minute speech and bringing a donation jar to place at the school. I, as well as the Japan America Society of Oklahoma, appreciate your efforts with the bake sale to help Japan at such trying times. I understand that you have some friends in Sendai, and I hope that they are all safe and well. I send my regards to you, as well as your friends there. Sincerely,Michelle Reith, University of Oklahoma

Wings of Rotary will have a fundraiser for Sendai.  We plan to attend once we get details from Melissa.

Keiko Shaffer, member of JASO, is collaborating with fundraisers around the city. 
"I have just came back from meeting at UCO. They have planning fundraising and consort. It was bigger than I was expecting. I also spoke with the president of JSA at OU.  He is planning a big event at OU,too. He wants everyone to come this events. Keiko

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and some JASO members were collecting money for Japan Relief at the Vietnamese Store, Super Cao Nguyen last Saturday and Sunday.
JASO attended a brainstorming fundraising meeting at the Baptist Temple wher Keiko workships.  Jeremy, Cynthia and Carmen presented with Keiko the recent JASO website where people can donate to a reputable organization providing 0 charges for handling the relief effort.  Check the website for organizations recommended by JASO and the Consul General of Japan in Houston and OKC, http://www.jasok.org/

Keiko is also meeting Wednesday, March 22 at the Governor's Mansion in Oklahoma City.  The meeting will be from 1:30 and 2:30.  Keiko will speak twice during that period of time for 2-3 minutes to audiences of 100-150 people.  She hopes to collect money after her speeches.  We hope members of JASO will be able to accompany her.  If interested contact her at 405-808-3183.

The Japan America Society solicited help from Teavana.  The manager was helpful providing some tea for JASO Relief meetings.  A member of his working staff offer help from a Buddhist Organization.  Cynthia, JASO Secretary kept in contact with the manager of Teavana and sent the following e-mail, "Hi Cynthia, how about telling him that the board will meet this Wed. at Rebuilding Together at 5.30pm - we can take a picture of him for our website? Jeremy, have you booked RT and get their permission for our meeting, " I heard from Matthew from Teavana this morning. Their corporate in Atlanta is not going to donate tea for our support meetings. However, the staff was extremely touched by us asking them that they have pooled together and are giving us 1/2 a pound in the specialized green tea that he donated for yesterday." Cynthia

Also from Cynthia: For OU Japanese student Association president's from Russell Kabir" russ_kabir@yahoo.com "I just spoke with a clinician who oversees recovery groups. She might be able to assist us with counseling, but has recommended that we contact Tom Thompson (522-8300) about relief trauma counseling. He works with the RedCross in dealing with counseling. I think he's worth contacting."

Actualizing the Six Billion Paths to Peace at Casady

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