Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Service-Learning Scene at the Upper Division

YAC students are getting ready to serve ice cream to students who attended the third service-learning orientation session.

Students were reminded of the stages of Service Learning. (PARC). PARC stands for Planning, Action, Reflection, and Celebration.

Students were introduced to the 10 tools of PARC.

1.Youth Leadership
2. Research
3. Collaboration
4. Rubrics
5. High Quality Service
6. Civic Responsibility
7. Integrated Learning
8. Reflection
9. Evaluation
10. Broad-Based Integration

Students were also introduce to the transforming power of the tools:

Youth Leadership: From minimal interest to maximum participation

High Quality Service: From clueless volunteering to
to goals oriented valued service to a real need

Collaboration: From isolated labor to interaction in decision making

Integrated Learning: Academics in Action. From learning within four walls to learning from applications to reality

Research: From information receiver to information analyst

Rubrics: From fear of results to security of outcomes based on degree of commitment

Civic Responsibility: From apathetic observer to engaged citizen. You become the change you want to see!

Reflection: From Me, myself and I to focusing on the grater good

Evaluation: From fear of mistakes to turning mistakes into learning opportunities

Broad-Based Integration: From isolated vision to mission of the culture of the institution(s)

The next session will focus on the following PARC Tools

1. Civic Responsibility
2. Collaborations
3. Research
4. High Quality Learning: Academics in Action, Academics at the Heart of Service.
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