Saturday, June 26, 2010

News from Clydia

I look forward to what I can learn from you and others in this organization and to what I may contribute on behalf of international awareness, understanding, and peace.

I leave Tokyo in about an hour for a small farming village on Hokkaido island. Tobetsu is about an hour from Sapporo. We have been told we will not have internet connections while we are there.

I will contact Dr. Ineko Tsuchida and see if we might meet when I return to Tokyo on July 2. I will be here until July 5 and am hopeful a meeting might be possible.
Thank you again for welcoming me into your group,

Assistant Director, University of Oklahoma Confucius Institute
Director, Oklahoma Institute for Teaching East Asia

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I will use this blog to promote the Japan America Society in Oklahoma City through reflection of time spent with such a lovely organization. We are proud that the work JFMF fellows have done with the re-emerging JASO prompted NAJAS to invite a member of the board to attend the National Conference under special sponsorship by the Japan Foundation. We are trying to raise funding for JASO's Manga and Anime expert to attend since the conference has special connections to that area this year, but we are not too hopeful. But we are more motivated than ever to plan a great 2010-2011 calendar of activities and promote JASO in the Oklahoma City community.

Special thanks to Dr. Maria Domoto, who has been JASO's cheerleader from the time she met the organization and its members. We wish Dr. Domoto great luck as she leaves the Laurasian Foundation to create her own non-profit. Also thank you to

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oklahoma Teacher/Administrator Goes To Japan

Clydia, wrote:

My trip to Japan is funded by UNESCO, IIE, and Fulbright with the express purposes of 48 American and 48 Japanese educators exploring concepts of "educating for sustainable development". The three principles of ESD are:

1. partnerships among community organizations (schools, foundations, universities, businesses, museums, symphonies, parks. . . )
2. contextualized--not just in classroom--learning. This may mean
natural--outdoor--contexts or cultural ones
3. self-designed learning formats. ith this in mind, your "green" statement in the email to which I'm responded, as well as the partnership opportunities, is perfected suited.

I, too, am interested in ways that OKITEA might partner with JASO and JOI, including this grant opportunity you are promoting.

As I survey teachers who have been included in OKITEA projects for some time, they tell me of their interest in sharing with their students that Asia is more than China. This was also the rationale that supported my submitting--and winning--the grant that will send me to Japan this Tuesday.

That said, currently much of OKITEA's funding comes from Chinese specific organizations. Please let me know the following:

If my participation in the grant is a possibility...YES>

When the deadline is: Rolling, I think, but I have not started to investigate the grant itself yet, until all JASO officers are on board...Avoiding wasting time!!

What is needed from me to facilitate the grant writing? Your ideas and knowledge of grant writing