Saturday, November 05, 2005

Planning, Planning, Planning

My guest bedroom now has the clothing and some of the gifts I will take to Japan. The trip seems more real now. I am hesitant, excited, apprehensive, hopeful, and willing to try everything with a positive attitude and test my boundaries. I am still very afraid of raw fish. How can I be polite about my feelings? I do not want to offend my hosts and their generosity!

I will continue buying gifts for my Japanese friends in Tokyo. I will spend my two free days with them. I also need to buy gifts for my host family in Yanagawa. I wish I knew something about them. Oh, well, I will buy something for the house, something to eat, and something to share together.

I bought candy for the Japanese students I will meet and myJapanese schools. The Development Director at my school has provided some Casady Logo pens for the teachers and administrators I will encounter on my path. My Admission Director is allowing me to take Casady bookmarks.

This week I also have to finalize details for Challenge 20/20, help with the Teens Against Hunger Food Drive, Casady Cans Do Week, take 97 teens on site visits, update files and order Presidential Service awards for 16 students.

When will I have enough hours to have my Japan-American Society meetings and meet with community boards??? Well, organize, prioritize, and make good usage of time. Things will be done.

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