Friday, November 18, 2005

First Stanley Field Trip: Visits the Casady Headmaster

Posted by Picasa As part of the research component of the Lower Division Environmental Club YAR grant proposal, Flat Stanley is heading to Japan with the Casady Director of Service-Learning to explore what Japanese children and teens are doing to keep our earth healthy and to prevent global warming.

Flat Stanley will buy three environmental books. Flat Stanley has decided that the grant writers will read the books first - to reward them for being leaders and risk takers- The books then will be donated to the Environmental Club library for many members of our Casady and Oklahoma City community to read.

Flat Stanley will also try to set-up an e-mail penpal system with an Environmental Club in a school in Yanagawa, Japan. Of course, Flat Stanley will also be sharing with Japanese children his passion for reading and exploring new places.

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