Thursday, November 17, 2005

I will take a Cyclone Flat Stanley to Japan

Mrs. Lamb, one the Casady Flat Stanley Club coordinators, wrote: We have a perfect traveling Flat Stanley you can take. He'd be glad to go. Just come get him. I am so excited to be part of this club and take a little bit of OKC-USA with me everywhere I go in Japan.

I also received the following e-mail from Lorraine, the Flat Stanley webmaster.

Hello you are welcome to bring a Flat Stanley with you and as a teacher to register for the project. Stanley has been used as a literacy and social studies tool for the past 10 years through schools, after school clubs, etc. If you would like to submit pictures and a 'journal' to us we will review for posting on our site. Non teachers only get involved at the request of a teacher (often a relative or friend who is traveling or living elsewhere) as we are not able to screen non teachers.Thank you for your interest in the project and have a good trip with Stanley.Lorraine Hawley

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