Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Check list for my trip to Tokyo and Yanagawa

Last night, Saito San, my Japanese friend from Tokyo, mailed a sample of the business cards he had printed on my behalf. It is strange to see my identity in Japanese.

My planning stage is ending, and action is about to begin.

I will receive my airline tickets and possibly a description of my host family in Yanagawa, Monday. I hope to have my luggage packed this weekend. I want my last week to be school business only. I will try to relax in the evenings because going from Oklahoma to San Francisco and from San Francisco to Tokyo will be exhausting. Posted by Picasa

My checklist:

1. Itinerary: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/participant.html#novsched

2. Hotels in San Francisco, Tokyo and Yanagawa: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/Hotels-Info-Aug-05/Yanagawa_hotels.doc

3. Participants handbook: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/JFMFBASICS2005.pdf

4. My follow-on plan: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/participant-data-05/2005_summary_sheetREV1.doc

5. Places of interest: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/places_of_interest.html

6. JFM organizational chart: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/JFMForganization2.doc

7. Final Report: http://www.fulbrightmemorialfund.jp/participant-data-05/2005_summary_sheetREV1.doc

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