Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Understanding Global Warming: Writing a Grant

Cyclone Savers Project

Adopt a Street: Clean the environment -Streets around our school: Britton and Penn. Helpers: Upper Division Environmental Club, Village Adopt a Street Program, Village Firefighters: Needs vests, gloves, and tools to pick-up litter.

Environmental Planting: Make our Casady Environment prettier. Plants, Flowers, Sod. Place signs: Do not step on the grass. Need garden supplies and signs.

Research: Reading Books, Playing Environmental Bingo Games, watching Environmental videos: Learn and teach to make our community aware of our responsibility to take care of our earth. Need: Environmental books, a portable book display case for other kids to read at leasure, videos, Environmental Bingo Games.

United Nations Environmental site for children Posted by Picasa

Globe Program Site

Edison the Bus- Ecosystems Site

Children Environmental Toys and Books:

Nature's Publisher for Children:

Special thanks to our Development Director, Mr. Mauldin.

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