Sunday, October 23, 2005

What does Service-Learning at Casady look like?

Teens in Action YAC at Camp Fire USA: Katrina Relief Care Back Packs
Do Something Project:

Posted by Picasa Vision: Youth as Leaders, Community as a Partner, Learning as Experiential.

Mission: Create Projects of the Mind, and Perform Actions of the Heart.

Goals: Positive Youth Leadership through Service. Service at the Heart of Learning.

Requirement: 45 hours in three years. Hours start counting the summer of the freshmen year. Transfer students have a 15-hours requirement per year at Casady.
School Service-Learning Resources

Youth and Adult Advisory and Action Council (YAC)
Plans and implements new students' orientation sessions to service learning.
Audience for students and community organization project proposals and demonstrations of learning through service.
Assists youth project leaders with school wide service-learning initiatives

Rainbolt Family Service-Learning Chair
Carmen Clay'74 Contact Information:, Casady School 9500 North Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120 405-740-3103, FAX 405-749-3223, cell: 405-520-1325. Creates and implements the service-learning program process and documentation for credit. Reports to parents once a year. Writes college recommendations, grant proposals, and marketing resources. Maintains a high profile with non-profit organizations serving on boards and Learn and Serve Youth Advisory Council in Oklahoma City

Casady Faculty and Staff
Connections to academics, advisors, site supervisors, bus drivers, adult project leaders

Casady YAC Planning

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