Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Follow-On Plan: Planning Retreat

After I come back from Japan, I need to share the information with my students in a 5-hours retreat (1 hour for cooking and 1 hour for planning their project to take the learned material into the community). The retreat will be created in collaboration with the Japanese American Society of Oklahoma and Japanese college students from our local universities. I will ask local Japanese restaurants to consider helping us with funding and supplies next week.

The Japanese Society President, Mari Leslie will teach us a Japanese dance. She is even found a Kimono for me. She will also teach us survival Japanese. Mari also loves to cook. When time comes, I will ask to use the Wing's cooking facilities for our retreat and Mari will teach us how to cook popular Japanese dishes.

Considering logistics of location and transportation, I will contact the International offices at OCU: and UCO: and start looking for Japanese students who will be interested in this diversity advocacy and awareness of Japanese culture service-learning project.

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