Saturday, October 22, 2005

My family

I guess it is time for you to know a little more about the people in my life. This picture was taken nearly 4 years ago when we helped my son, Brian move to New York City from Boston. Brian moved to New York City for two years to work for Goldman Sachs after graduating from Harvard University with a degree in history, bartending and in-love with a wonderful girl named Julia. Mark and Brian are very close friends. They talk business, sports and "things of life relevance." Brian is never going to stop being my "baby." All I ask and pray is for him to have a fullfilling life and stay healthy. Julia is a wonderful girl, so he is in good hands now. Brian will tell you "interesting stories" about my cooking. Lucky for Brian, Mark is a wonderful chef.

I came to Oklahoma from Lima, Peru as an AFS exchange student to Casady School. Mark was a senior at that high school. He went to Peru several times and decided that it was cheaper to marry me that to date me. We met on 1973 and we married in 1976. We went to OU as sophomores and the rest is history. Brian graduated as a lifer from my current school's rival, Heritage Hall. I was the Spanish teacher and later on the Foreign Language Department Head at Heritage Hall. I worked there for 20 years. I have wonderful memories of my time as a Charger. My former students still invite me to their special occasions such as weddings from time to time. It was wonderful to be a Charger teacher and I love being a Cyclone service-learner now. The students at Casady are called Cyclones. Posted by Picasa

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