Saturday, October 29, 2005

Thinking Tokyo/Yanagawa and Oklahoma

I am not going to take the school's laptop because it is too heavy and I will be responsible for the transportation of what I take. I will find Internet Cafes to communicate via blog. I will continue my weekly journal on paper. I will take as many pictures as possible.

I heard from other FMFers going to Yanagawa. They are Nicole from Austin, Laura from ?, Pat from Chicago, Ann from New Jersey, and Stacey from Massachusetts. The list keeps growing. I can hardly wait to meet my group. Some of them have decided to have teleconferences with their students. I cannot have a teleconference because Casady does not have the necessary equipment.

This weekend is buying gifts and selecting things to take on the trip weekend. I did not get the opportunity to meet a gentelman from Yanagawa as I hoped, but he gave me enough information over the phone to feel happy about my location.

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