Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tokyo Bound

Gateway to Japan
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Wonderful Daily Living Interfering with Trip Preparations

I received wonderful news from Fumitaka. He has found a way to print 100 business cards in Japanese for me. One thing I can check off my list of things to do. Yohei e-mailed me today for the first time. He sounds like a delightful young man. He wants a rawhide wallet. I will start shopping.

Monday and Tuesday I will be in Austin attending a College Board Private School Focus. It will be interesting to see how teachers from other states answer the question: What can the College Board do for private schools? I love this opportunity, but since my Japanese language and dance teacher had surgery, I will have to delay my Japanese immersion until Wednesday after 5:00 p.m. I also wonder what is the equivalent of the College Board in Japan.

My AFS sister, Jenny, is coming this weekend. It is her 30-year reunion at Casady. I hope we find time to look for gifts to take to Japan. It will be fun to share a little of this experience with her. The days are going by too fast!

Today, my students re-started a project that was dormant last year, The Aikman End Zone. The goal of the project is to entertain children with long hospital stays and their families. Beside the hours requirement, the motivation for students who undertake this project is their desire for exposure to the hospital environment as they explore the medical career as a life choice. If you want to know more about this project, visit I cannot help but wonder if the Japanese schools have service requirements for graduation. I just realized I have not researched this aspect of the Japanase culture.

I know that they do not have janitors in their schools and that the kids have to keep the schools clean, but I have not read anything else about Service-Learning or Community Service requirements for graduation. The following site takes you to a follow-up project by The classes of Dianne McAulay, Ph.D. (June; teacher / consultant for the gifted at Cranston Public School (RI)) who has collaborated with Kashiwazaki City's Kenno Elementary School to create an online picture book titled, "Day in the Life of a Japanese Student."

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