Saturday, February 25, 2006

Taste of Japan: The Casady Surprise-Supplies-Fundraising

The Casady Surprise

a. Casady's Upper Division String Quartet: The quartet will play at the Taste of Japan Registration. They will be playing music composed by Japanese artists.

a. Japanese Fashion Show: Upper Division students. Sarah'07 (youth leader), Melanie'06, Deepika'08, (Happi Coat) Layne'12, (Samurai) Jerad'08 (Yakata) and more models to be found by Sarah'08 will provide a fashion show narrated by Jerad'08 and coordinated by Mrs. Yukiko Burnett.

b. Tanko Bushi: Middle School Dance prepared by Deepika'08, Mrs. Lynn Taylor and Tozan Yumi Yugiko.

c. Sakura and Fire Fly: Sixth Grade Chorus under the director of Casady's instructor Mr. Karl Hedlund and Tozan Yumi Yugiko: songs in Japanese.

Thank you Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Burnett, inspiring and providing the resources for Casady students to surprise our guests.

Workshop Supplies, supplies, supplies
1. Japanese Feudalism: The Samurai: Clothing supplies provided by Mrs. Mari Leslie, Nori-Japanese seaweed ($6.00) courtesy of Super Cao Nguyen Market. This workshop only needs handouts for participants.
2. Tanko Bushi Dance Class: Happi Coats supplies provided by Japan Foundation grant and designed by Middle School students with sewing services from Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Barker. This workshop has everything ready. Participant copies will be made the week of March 6.
3. Bonsai Demonstration: The Bonsai Society will provide all their supplies. Copies of participant handouts will be made on March 6. So far the second most popular workshop in pre-registration.
4. Ikebana Workshop: Supplies, courtesy of Japan Foundation grant, were pre-purchased on February 24. They will be picked-up by student helpers and deliver to the room on March 24, at 4:00. The supplies will stay in the room overnight.
5. Sushi Preparation Workshop: Supplies, courtesy of the Japan Foundation, were pre-bought from Super Cao Nguyen Market. The teacher will pick-them up Friday, February 24 in the morning.
6. Entertainment: Fashion Show: Clothing provided by Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Burnett
Fundraising at Casady during Activities
YAC member, Peter'08, Mrs. Yukiko Burnett and Mrs. Clay had a sampling test of Japanese sports drinks (Pocari Sweat) and sold Japanese candy to fundraise for Taste of Japan needs. No drinks were sold, but students slowly came to taste the Japanese sports drinks. Super Cao Nguyen Market donated the drinks for the tasting. $10 were raised in 20 minutes. The service-learning budget invested $180. We have not made any money yet.
Giant Poki and Panda snacks were sold for $1.00, Japanese chewing candy for $3.00, and the best seller; Hello Kitty gum for $.25
Guest Speakers
Mr. Charlie Britton will welcome the participants
We are working with the office of the Lt. Governor to have an inspirational speaker for the Taste of Japan.
Sushi Neko: $100 in $25.00 gift certificates, 2 caps and 2 t-shirts. They will be entered in the Silent Auction together with 20 Ikebana arrangenments.
Asia Society: Dr. Payma, President of the Asia Society pledged $50 for the Taste of Japan on behalf of his organization, pending its approval. He forgot to place the e-mail request by Mrs. Clay in a thank you e-mail sent to him after the last meeting.
Mrs. Kimie Warm: Donation of cost of supplies for the Mochi Breaks

OU Japanese Student Association Flight to Japan Event

Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Carmen Clay attended this year's Oklahoma University Japanese Day Event. The Japanese student Association took participants on an imaginary trip to Japan. The kimono fashion show was organized by Mrs. Yukiko Burnett, Taste of Japan's Ikebana instructor. Mrs. Clay was so impressed by the kimono fashion show that she asked Mrs. Burnett to consider allowing a few Casady students to model her kimonos at the beginning of the food sampling, as an opener to the entertainment and as part of the Casady surprise. Mrs. Burnett agreed and the Casady surprise now has a wider representation of the student body.

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