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Nihon No Ajiwai Meeting: Goal, Process, Budget, and Workshop needs

January 30: A busy Nihon No Ajiwai Day at Casady School

Ms. Etsuko Blackburn arrived to make copies for her workshop . She also provided costs for her help with the brochure. She requested consideration of compensation for her son's work with the brochure and program. She suggested $200-300 of the percentage raised from the sale of her work at the Taste of Japan. Her suggestions will be revised by the business and development office this week.

11:30- 2:00 Dr. Jessica Stowell, and Miss Yukiko Yokono, from the Center of East Asia Studies from Tulsa, Japan Foundation consultants for the Nihon No Ajiwai, came to check facilities and progress of the Taste of Japan. Yukiko was driven from Tulsa by Mrs. Yumie Farringer, President of the Association of Friends of Japan in Tulsa. Mrs. Farringer and Miss Yokono will be the instructors of the Tea Ceremony. Funding for their transportation expenses is expected from the Japan Foundation grant when it is released to us.
Dr. Stowell came to meet with our headmaster regarding possibilities of inclusion of the Chinese language in our curriculum. Mrs. Chang, organizer of the Chinese school in Norman came to observed the Taste of Japan meeting invited by the President of the Chinese Association of Oklahoma City. Both ladies came to learn about the organization of Taste of Japan, exploring possibilities of a Taste of China at Casady School next year. They also had a brief meeting with the Casady Foreign Language Chair, Mr. Gill.

2:30 p.m. The Taste of Japan instructors received the "in progress" flyer and program as well as information on the Casady Service-Learning Program. Mrs. Kate Collins, Director of Learn and Serve, Regional Service-Learning Center at Camp Fire USA explained Service-Learning and told the instructors that her Center will send information about the Taste of Japan to all the schools in her database. Mrs. Collins also talked to Ms. Blackburn regarding the Empty Bowls Banquet and possibilities for her to sell her pottery at that venue. Learn and Serve has a possibility of grant funding for outreach YAC workshops after the festival
Special thanks to the Casady Admission Office for the cookies, YAC Service-Learning for the grape juice and Mrs. Mari Leslie for the hot green tea, candy, and enamami snacks.

2:30-3:30: The Nihon No Ajiwai teachers met some of their youth helpers and wrote their workshops' goals, process, special room needs, supplies and budget. The youth helpers introduced themselves by explaining their commitment to the Nihon No Ajiwai.
Mrs. Clay thanked the instructors and helpers and told them that the current financial situation does not permit payment of the food sampling. She will continue to look for funding, but volunteers need to be prepared to pay for their food because the youth advisory council wants to encourage youth participation and they have advised to leave the cost of the tickets to $5:00 for workshops and food. The instructors then took a tour of the McClendon Building and chose the room that best suited their needs.

4:00-7:00: Dr. Tom Warm, his wife, Kimie, Mrs. Tomoko Craig, Mrs. Mari Leslie and Mrs. Clay had dinner at the Sumo restaurant. As a consequence, the Taste of Japan has a bid of $5 bento with goyza, chicken terriyaki, fried rice, California rolls, and free hot green tea. The restaurant will provide chopsticks and cups for the tea. The food will be served by Japanese International students from Oklahoma City University. The food will be delivered in individualized servings on to go containers.

All the information gathered at the Taste of Japan meeting will be sent to the Japan Foundation to finalize their requirements for the grant money to be released to Casady School .

On Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Leslie and Mrs. Clay will petition donations from Japanese car dealerships and Japanese restaurants. Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn will accompany Mrs. Clay on Thursday to business and organizations with the same purpose. Ye-Geun'06, Casady YAC youth chair, will solicit on Saturday.

The Youth as Resources organization is interested in a partnership. Mrs. Clay will meet with members of that organization and the Casady Development Director, Mr. Chris Mauldin, to explore possibilities.

The goal this week is to finish preparations and donations and move on to advertising and pre-registration, Japan Foundation grant funding provided.

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