Friday, February 10, 2006

A busy week for Taste of Japan volunteers

Another busy week for the Taste of Japan. Invitations were designed by Mrs. Roberta Roush. I typed them and Mrs. Mari Leslie, Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn and Mrs. Yoshiko Boone placed them on the comments envelopes to Upper Division parents. I cannot believe we made it!

On Thursday, I placed invitations to all Upper Division teachers. When I receive the updated flyers, I will make 400 copies for the Lower and Primary division. The Middle division will send information to parents with their next report cards.

Our kitchen learned how to do Yaki Soba Noodles from Mrs. Mari Lesli. It was delicious. Our chef, Mrs. Geni Thomas-Woodward is thinking about preparing them in mass for multicultural week and to help advertise the Taste of Japan the week of March 25.

Mrs. Lesli also brought as many happi coats as she owns to have all volunteers dressed in happi coats. I know the Okii Taiko people will be, but I need to find more for my youth volunteers. I will check with Dr. Warm's wife, Kimie, and Mrs. Yukiko Burnett who teaches dancing at OU. I hope to find happi coats for everyone. Mrs. Leslie is making happi coats for the Tanko Bushi dancers. We hope to cut material the week after next, when I expect the money from the Japan Foundation to be at Casady. The picture here is of the Karate workshop volunteers.

I contracted food for the cost of the entrance ticket with Sumo Japanese Restaurant. Only Sushiniko is called back wanting to help. I called Bob Moore Mazda, but the manager told me to call back. As of today we only have $5,320. If I provide all budgets requested, we need 5,630. Well, we will have to cut expenses and ask for donations for the cost of supplies. We also have to make the volunteers pay for their dinner. We do not have money for that. I feel very bad about it. Maybe from now until them the situation will change, but I do not think so.

Mrs. Roberta Roush has suggested to make botons for the volunteers. We can use the Casady machine in the Art room. We can make them with their name picture and name of the workshop they will be helping with.

Mrs. Etsuko Blackburn had a great idea for people who have time after the break and are waiting for workshops or do not have a workshop to go to until the grand finale. We will be showing Kabuki movies in fee.

I will follow-up restaurants and Super Cao today. Next week I will send invitations to A+ Schools, Heritage Hall, Learn and Serve (will send invitations via e-mail to all schools in their data base), YLX, Leadership Oklahoma City, YAR, the Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club, Canterbury, and other organizations serving elderly and children around our area. I will also e-mail invitations to all the volunteers.

The MC will create a PowerPoint presentation next week and as soon as we receive the money we will start buying supplies. I will also take care of set-up and equipment next week. Since we do not have money, we will have to do all the set-up and clean-up ourselves.

Unexpected outcome: The Lower Division already knows a song in Japanese, they might be singing at the Nihon No Ajiwai.

The flyer should be ready this coming week, the program will have to keep having updates so all the preparation will be done by the end of the week next week. Then all we can do is wait for reservations.

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