Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ye-Geun fundraises and improves MC's PowerPoint

The MC's PowerPoint has been a joined effort from adults, Carmen Clay, Dr. Tom Warm, Etsuko Blackburn and our great Tulsa consultant Yukiko Yokono. Every suggestion improved the PowerPoint which will be used by Jared'08 to welcome and guide the Taste of Japan participants through registration, entertaiment, workshops and grand finale. Ye-Geun'08 added the youth touches to the Power Point and signed her name, as the official youth chair for the Taste of Japan, to the invitations going to the Oklahoma Community.

Etsuko Blackburn and her son were also very busy making changes on the flyer and program. We are greatful for the wonderful products they are producing. The invitation, program, flyer, and PowerPoints will be records of the great group effort it took to create the Taste of Japan.

At Sushi Neko, Ye-Geun received the commitment of some kind of donation to the Taste of Japan, not really sure in what form yet. We need to wait until Wednesday. We are also waiting for a possible donation from Bob Moore Mazda. Other Japanese restaurants and organizations contacted have not responded. We will follow-up next week.

Ye-Geun also requested donations from Chinese restaurants for her WN Hunger Banquet Project. She received a donation from Hunan's and she will follow-up with Grand House, Lido, House of Asia, and Snow Pea. She will also contact other Asian restaurants.

Ye-Geun attended the first JASO meeting of the year. She helped report the Taste of Japan progress to its officers. We did not really get any news about the pending activities for JASO this year except that they are looking for members and helping organize the Taste of Asia. The purpose of the meeting was more a social gathering than a meeting with a set agenda. It was a little dissapointing, but we will see what JASO's next meeting will bring.

Ye-Geun also started to brainstorm the Taste of Japan press release and will see Mr. Ba Luong next week to finalze his possible donation to Taste of Japan. Great job, Ye-Geun!

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