Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cooking and Singing Japanese Lessons

Mr. Hedlunk, Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Barker and the Spanish teacher from Milwood helped Mr. Hedlunk's six grade chorus class learn two Japanese songs. There is a strong possibility that the kids will be part of the Taste of Japan as a Casady surprise. We hope to have the approval of the Middle Division Head soon.

Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Barker made head bandanas for Mr. Headlunk's students because they were impressed by the quality of their singing.

The Casady kitchen received another cooking lesson. This time Mrs. Leslie brought a friend, Mrs. Barker. The ladies showed our chef, Mrs. Genie Thomas-Woodward how to make curry chicken Japanese style. Mrs. Leslie said that curry chicken is a favorite dish of Japanese students in Japan. Mrs. Thomas-Woodward will decide what dish she will use to help promote the Taste of Japan on Friday, March 24. Two weeks ago, Mrs. Leslie taught the kitchen staff how to make Yaki Soba Noodles. Mrs. Thomas-Woodward hopes that the taste Japanese dish will motivate some students to attend the Taste of Japan on Saturday, March 25. Thank you for your help Mrs. Thomas-Woodward. Posted by Picasa

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