Friday, March 31, 2006

Taste of Japan Scenes: Tea Ceremony and Kimono Demonstration

Mrs. Yumie Farringer, Miss Yukiko Yokono and several helpers from Tulsa conducted the kimono demonstration and tea ceremony workshop. Sarah'07 and Mary'09 modeled the Kimonos during the workshops and at the grand finale during the fashion show.

Here is Yukiko's reflection: I truly enjoyed the Taste of Japan and working with you. I could only see our tea ceremony and grand finale, but we had many audiences there and they seemed to enjoy and have learned a lot from the festival. Also this is our first time to do tea ceremony in Oklahoma City, we were so happy to expand our activities, and we could meet other Japanese communities there.
The assistants at the tea ceremony were big help. Mary and Sarah helped us more than we expected. They were thoughtful, patient and caring us in various ways. We were so happy to have such beautiful and kind ladies as assistants. Also we believe that they had a good opportunity to wear kimono and experience Japanese traditional culture. I hope that Casady School could have this wonderful international project yearly from now on. The Taste of Japan was first and very successful event for Casady, Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Japanese communities and Japan, I believe.

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