Friday, March 31, 2006

The Taste of Japan: Performances: Okii Taiko, Classical Dances, Songs, Tanko Bushi

Okii Taiko

Thank you to Dr. Tom Warm and the Okii Taiko Drummers for a great opening.

Information about Okii Taiko
Special thanks to Dr. Tom Warm, Okii Taiko, Director for the pictures

Okii Taiko was formed in 2002. They are called "Okii", because they are from Oklahoma, but also because in Japanese "okii" means "large" or "great". "Taiko" means "big drum", so "Okii Taiko" means "great, big drum". They are an amateur group, who perform for the joy of playing taiko drums. They give about 12 performances per year. They have given performances at many local venues, including the OK Art Museum, Tinker AFB, OCCC, OU, UCO, OCU, Rose State Univ., Governor's Mansion, Myriad Gardens, FAA, Will Rogers Park, plus local churches, libraries, retirement homes, and schools. Next month they will be performing at the 2006 Festival of the Arts on the Myriad Gardens Water Stage.
Japanese Classical Dances
Botanzishi: CelebrationTozan Yume Yugiko (Mrs. Mari Leslie)
Yosakura Ohichi: Cherry Blosson Tomo Nakashima

Special thanks to Ye-Geun for her pictures

The first dance performed at the Taste of Japan was Botanzishi or Celebration inspires us to imagine two cubs playing in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains. The valley is covered with beautiful flowers and butterflies. The scenery is simply breathtaking. Time passes by and the cubs become husband and wife and live happily ever after. Botanzishi is usually performed at weddings or after couples build a home. Tozan Yume Yugiku, performed Celebration.

The second dance performed at the Taste of Japan was Yosakura Oshichi, Cherry Blosson. This dance is based on a true story. It narrates the story of a girl named Oshichi whose house burned on a fire and her family had to stay at a temple where Oshichi falls in love with a young monk. Because of class differences, this love is prohibited. Oshichi becomes insane with love and burns her house again hoping to return to the temple. She is severely punished. Oshichi ends her days dreaming about the monk at parks covered with cherry blossoms. Yosakura Oshichi was performed by Miss Tomomi Nakashima performed

Six Grade Dazling Performance of Fire Fly and Sakura Sakura
Tanko Bushi
Coal Miners Folk Song
Tanko Bushi, the Coal Mining Dance is a folk dance from one of the coal mining regions of Japan, and is frequently danced during the Obon festival. In much the same way that a Hawai'ian hula dancer's movements tell a story, the movements of Tanko Bushi show what life is like as a Japanese coal miner. Casady students learned Tanko Bushi from Mrs. Leslie who also designed and made their happi coats for this memorable and interactive way of ending the Taste of Japan Experience. Tozan Yumi Yogiku deligted Taste of Japan participants when she sang this song as Mrs. Taylor, Deepika'08 and Middle Division students performed the dance and then asked for audience participation to end the Taste of Japan interactively.
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