Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Meetings: JASO and Super Cao Nguyen

Ye-Geun'06 presented the Taste of Japan Festival to the Japan America Society of Oklahoma 2006 officers. Thank you to Mr. Don Kelley for allowing us to present during their planning meeting. Mr. Charlie Burnett spokesmen for the group stated that the festival is the type of activity the society hopes to sponsor in the community.

Ye-Geun'06 and I replied that we needed resources, funding, and for them to consider attending the festival. Mr. Burnett's wife, Mrs. Yukiko Burnett will be the festival's Ikebana instructor and a performer with the Okii Taiko drumming group. She will also provide 1,000 cranes she has made for the safety of their child in Irak. The JASO officers also provided leads to Japanese sports instructors.

Before the JASO meeting, Ye-Geun presented the Festival to the public relations representative, Mr. Ba Luong of Super Cao Nguyen. Mr. Luong is my former student and a great marketing advisor and sponsor of youth leadership through service. As a result of the meeting, we will be fundraising to buy food and supplies for the festival during Activities. He will come this Wednesday to see our sponorship and donor letter. He will also hear the youth members give their first presentation for sponsorships. Mr. Luong owns the Super Cao Vietnamese Market; the largest Asian Market in Oklahoma City.

I requested Mr. Luong and his catering connections to help me with the festival's food. Mr. Eli Embry, another former student of mine will be approached after the meeting this coming Wednesday. Possibilities are openning, but we seem to have very little time left on this month. My goal is to have all sponsorship by the end of this month so we can start advertising.

This Wednesday we will have Mari Leslie and Ba Luong on campus. Last week it was the Okii Taiko group. Yukiko wrote an e-mail from Tulsa saying that she is considering coming this coming Monday. I hope she does although we will have to do two activities in one. I am scheduled to have a MLKD project at the Food Bank.

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