Saturday, January 07, 2006

Festival Planning: Okii Taiko Meeting at Hunan's

Mr. Tom Warm, Okii Taiko's Director brought a group of his performers and two Origami instructors to Casady School.

The Okii Taiko delegation came to hear a proposal presentation requesting their consideration to provide instruction and expert advise for the creation of the youth led Taste of Japan Festival workshops on March 25, 2006 at Casady School.

Mrs. Kimie Warm is an Okii Taiko drummist. Mrs. Yukiko Burnett was considering helping as an Okii Taiko performer and as an Ikebana instructor, and Mrs. Tomoko Craig was considering helping Ge-Geun'06 as an Origami instructor. Present at the lunch were also Ye-Geun'06, Taste of Japan Festival Youth Chair, Mrs. Fumiko Street, Origami instructor, her husband and Mr. Mike Walker, Casady's percussion teacher.

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