Saturday, January 07, 2006

Festival Planning: Japanese Consulate in Houston responds

Following a suggestion of our Japanese advisor from Tulsa Mrs. Yukiko Yokono, I contacted the Japanese Counsulate in Houston. Mr. Dennis Nance answered the e-mail with a phone call. After a short conversation, the following e-mail provided leads for resources for our festival.

Dear Ms. Clay,

It was nice to speak with you today. Best of luck preparing for the “Nihon no Ajiwai” festival at your school. Please follow this link to a list of cultural items our office can lend to you:

We also have origami paper, posters and pamphlets with information about Japan.

I asked about sample letters from organizations seeking donations for such an event, but unfortunately our office doesn’t have any of this material. I recommend speaking to someone at the Japan-America Society of Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth. Every year, these organizations put together a Japan Festival and might have some valuable advice to offer you and your students.

I will include their contact information below:

The Japan-America Society of Houston
4801 Woodway, Suite 230W
Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 963-0121
Fax: (713) 963-8270

Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth
11615 Forest Central Drive
Suite 206, LB 26
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (214) 342-2022
Fax: (214) 342-1022

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Dennis Nance
Cultural Affairs and Information Section
Consulate-General of Japan at Houston
1000 Louisiana, Suite 2300
Houston, TX 77002
Tel: (713) 652-2977 Ext. 120
Fax: ((713) 651-7822

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