Thursday, March 01, 2012

Japan in a Suitcase Mustang

About 22 teachers attended including the school librarian. One teacher brought her two children along as well (see the photo attached). The workshops are considered officially as part of the Staff Development Program for the school and the district. We thank Ms. Robin Combs for the opportunity to visit the school and contribute to the multi-cultural education segment of the program.

Mrs. Shinako Alfred led the origami doll bookmark workshop, she was assisted by Mrs. Tomoko Craig. I presented the anime film, On a Paper Crane: Tomoko's Adventure and we all settled down first to make paper cranes after a brief Q&A. We managed to present the workshops in about 1.5 hours as it was after-school time when we began the workshops (3 - 4.30pm).

JASO is happy that the suitcase travelled to a school community which is situated in the greater Oklahoma City area.

Tze-yue Gigi Hu, Ph.D
Educational Coordinator

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