Monday, October 24, 2011

Japan in a suitcase continues

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Japan in a Suitcase at the Library

We had a good Japan in a suitcase at the Library. Cynthia did extensive research to share her passion for Manga and anime. I will add pictures and all these e-mails to the blog this weekend. I collected evaluations too.

Shinako and Mari want to help Clydia, but she needs to connect directly with them because I cannot be the connector this time. It seems that only Mari is available, but they have questions I cannot answer. I am sending this e-mail to Clydia too.

I am assuming we will still have a board meeting at the end of October. Elections were moved to March, but we need to go over November activity, which I hope someone will illuminate me. Am I the one who needs to share my trip to Japan? I am attaching the short version for the ones unable to attend. I will love to have a tea ceremony that day and a Koto player welcoming the participants.. Anyone knows people with ability in those areas?

Workshop at YMCA
I did want to let you know that we had a wonderful workshop on October 5th at the YMCA Senior Center. It was on “Living Strong, Living Long –Japanese Style.” The instructor was Massayo Bowles. She gave the participants a quick lecture of healthy eating then provided various Japanese delicacies and foods for the participants to try. She also gave a quick origami lesson. This workshop is the first of a two part workshop. She intends to provide more origami instruction and additional Japanese snacks at the next workshop in the spring. I have attached a few pictures. (Participation was limited to 15 people due to the costs associated with purchasing food and dishes to serve the food). Participants were allowed to take home the dishes and chopsticks from the workshop if they so desired. It was a wonderful workshop –Very well received!  Thank you again for your support of our programs, Keri Williams Foster, Development Director, Rebuilding Together OKC, Inc., 730 West Wilshire Blvd., #108,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116, office(405)607-0464, fax (405)607-0362,

Another workshop
Ms. Shafer had offered us a presentation plan by JASO. To welcome the event provided by an organization outside campus for the first time, I just wanted a little official explanation as we the college have been also working on it. If we succeed in coordinating the event with you this time, we might start inviting cultural presentations by other organizations.   Regarding the flyer I made, it is in the process of printing with my supervisor, Ms. Olsen’s approval. Fortunately, we will get a few extra copies of the flyer in color, in the same manner as the other events which will take place on the same day. For extra promotion of your Japan in a Suitcase, we will print/post your flyer on campus. Please advise me if you see a problem.  In the future, when you have cultural events in the community, please don’t hesitate to send us your posters to promote on campus. Another tool to attract more people to your events will be the WLCC Facebook page. Please feel free to post information.  It seems that your entire project is wonderful. Thank you again for offering the cultural workshop in the Center. Sincerely, Chiaki, Chiaki Troutman, World Languages and Cultures Center Coordinator, (405)-682-1611 X7104,
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