Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Kokoro of the JFMF Tokyo Office

Thank you, Gracias, Arigato, Merci
I think I understood Mr. Ishikuro only at the end of my stay when I saw him reflect before his aikido demonstration:, . The only day I saw him smiling was before our good-bye breakfast, right before we got on the bus that would deliver us back where this magnificent experience started: Narita Airport. I know the whole group will do their best to honor the quality of work demonstrated by the JFMF Tokyo staff.

Posted by Picasa Thank youMr. Ishikuro and Kyoko for running an efficient and inspiring professional development.
I wish I had taken time to get to know both of you. Maybe life will provide opportunities in the future.
I wondered what are yout hobbies, Kyoko? When do "you all" have time to do anything else?

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